In and Out of the Crowd


Collage: a fusion of fabric and paint

This work is part of my series The Intrigue, which is loosely based on a song
of Josh Groban “So She Dances” (Asher Lenz/Adam Crossley).
My aim is to create a collage where paint and fabric mingle and become integrated.
The song’s story merely serves as a backdrop in designing each work
and influences the mood, state of mind, and atmosphere I wish to evoke.
This series is experimental.

Although I set parameters when I start, I do not know how the work will evolve
As I work, an ongoing conversation takes place. I am constantly asking the question:  WHAT IF …
I start with underpainting and sometimes paper collage over which I do a color wash with fabric inks and paint.
Hand dyed fabric is blended in. I use a restricted palette based on the mood I wish to achieve.
The thread work is kept minimal and unifies the whole.

Collage: Hand dyed fabric
Water media
Machine stitched

In and Out of the Crowd detail